Colorful enzyme speckles
Alkaline protease speckles

Sodium sulfate speckles are carriers of alkaline protease speckles. And it contains hay-bacillus 2708 which is the prevalent additive of detergent. Alkaline protease speckles can greatly raise the clean effect, especially for protein stains such as bloods, sweats, and oil, etc.

Main composition: alkaline protease, sodium sulfate, bond material.

Shape: flow freely, colorful granules.

Purpose: the Alkaline protease Speckles can be used into detergent powder to raise the clean effect. Especially, it has a good performance on protein stains such as bllods, sweat, and oil, etc. This kind of colorful speckle also can increase a visual effect of detergent powder.

Packing: 25kgs/bag

Storage: in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area and be away from weight press and sunlight.

Guarantee period: 2 years


Flow freely, no agglomeration
No peculiar smell
Apparent gravity
Time of solution s   
Particle size≥16mesh  %
Particle size:16—30mesh  %
Particle size≤40mesh  %  
Enzyme activity,ug
Loss on drying  %  

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